2017: Mobility Project – Military Technical Academy

Project promoter: Academia Tehnică Militară “Ferdinand I” (ATM), București

Project code: EY-MPO-0067

Military Technical Academy “Ferdinand I”(MTA), a polytechnic university for national defense system, has very good international relations with more than 40 universities from EU countries in the Erasmus+ Program.  The EEA financial support will ensure the framework of bilateral cooperation between MTA and universities from Norway and Iceland. Through the mobilities for teaching and training of academic staff international cooperation between the MTA and universities from Norway and Iceland institutions will be enhanced, and further opportunities for future cooperation will be created, including students mobilities and scientific research projects.

The main achievements of the project will be:

  • to increase the number of staff mobilities between MTA and universities from Norway and Iceland;
  • to create the new opportunities to develop bilateral student mobilities and scientific research projects;
  • to encourage a higher number of staff and students from MTA and from the partner universities from Norway and Iceland to take part in international activities;
  • by undertaking the international mobility, students and academic staff will improve their professional and transverse skills and competences by experiencing a new teaching and learning environment.

The project target groups are: staff and students from MTA and Norway and Iceland partner universities. The main donor partners in the project will be Reykjavik University of Iceland and University College of Southeast Norway. Within the project will be developed staff mobilities in the both flows: from MTA to Iceland and Norway and also from Iceland and Norway to MTA. The staff from Reykjavik University and from University College of Southeast Norway will develop teaching mobilities in MTA. The staff from MTA will develop staff training mobilities in Reykjavik University and in University College of Southeast Norway.


Contact person – email: cristian.moldoveanu@mta.ro


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March 9, 2020