General Informations



Monica Calotă

Director of the PO, overall Coordination

Email: monica.calota(at)

Telefon: (+40) 021 201.07.00

Adrian Georgescu

Deputy Director of the PO, Financial Coordination

Email: adrian.georgescu(at)

Telefon: (+40) 021 201.07.00


Radu Stoika

Technical Coordinator of the Programme and HE field

Email: radu.stoika(at)

Telefon: (+40) 021 201.07.47

Madlena Nen

Technical Expert, HE field

Email: madlena.nen(at)

Telefon: (+40) 021 201.07.47

Raluca Boldan

Technical Expert, HE field

Email: raluca.boldan(at)

Telefon: (+40) 021 201.07.49

Olivia Jidveian

Technical Expert VET field

Email: olivia.jidveian(at)

Telefon: (+40) 021 201.07.08

Magdalena Manea

Technical Expert SE field

Email: magdalena.manea(at)

Telefon: (+40) 021 201.07.41

Mariana Nițelea

Technical expert for the fields of Roma and HE 
Communication Expert

Email: mariana.nitelea(at)

Telefon: (+40)

Ileana Racoviceanu

Communication Officer

Email: ileana.racoviceanu(at)

Telefon: (+40) 021 201.07.17

Complaints and mismanagement of funds

Irina Severin

Irregularities Officer


Telefon: (+40) 021.201.0713

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