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About The Programme

About The Programme

EEA Grants

On October 13, 2016, the Governments of Romania and of the Donor States: Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the implementation of the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021. Through the MoU, the Donor States have allocated EUR 254,560,000 to Romania.

The EEA Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021 covers several programmes aiming at reducing social and economic disparities in the EEA countries and strengthens the cooperation between the Donor States (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and the 15 benefiaicy countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia).

In Romania, the institution which coordinates the management of the EEA Grants is the Ministry of European Funds, through the National Contact Point.

The Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeships and Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (ESAYEP), 2014-2021

The National Agency for Community Programmes in the Fields of Education and Vocational Traning (ANPCDEFP) was designated as the Programme Operator of the Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeships and Youth Entrepreneurship Programme, 2014 – 2021.

The ANPCDEFP implements the ESAYEP jointly with the Donor Programme Partners:

They facilitate, as well, the contact with potential public or private partners from the Donor States.

Regulation on the implementation of the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism 2014-2021

Guideline for Educational Programmes Rules for the establishment and implementation of programmes falling under programme area 3 “Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeships and Youth Entrepreneurship“

Information and Communication Requirements EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021

Communication and Design Manual


Logos archives (pdf, png)

Update November 2020: Annex 3 – Information and Communication Requirements

Disclaimer: This (select or insert the most adequate for your purpose) article/ document/ publication was realised with the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 financial support. Its content (text, photos, videos) does not reflect the official opinion of the Programme Operator, the National Contact Point and the Financial Mechanism Office. Responsibility for the information and views expressed therein lies entirely with the author(s).

The programme supports:
  • The enhancement of the quality and relevance of education and training;
  • Higher education student and staff learning mobility between donor and beneficiary countries;
  • Cooperation and partnerships between education and the world of work;
  • Professional development of teachers and focuses on specific concerns:
  • Vocational education and training;
  • Higher education student and staff mobility;
  • Social inclusion at non-higher education levels;
  • Democracy and citizenship education;
  • The improvement for the situation of Roma population.


The Budget is 14.117.647 euro and consists of:
  • 12.000.000 euro EEA Grants
  • 2.117.647 euro national contribution.

Additional 150.000 euro may be allocated from the Fund for Bilateral Relations to strengthen bilateral relations.

The programme will provide funding for:

  • Preparatory visits;
  • Bilateral mobility projects;
  • Strategic and small size cooperation projects;
  • National projects that consolidate cooperation  between VET schools and  companies;
  • National projects providing an effective inclusion of Roma children in school.

The programme starts in 2017 and ends in 2024.

Bilateral Cooperation

The programme will strengthen bilateral relations between Romania and the Donor States (DS) through cooperation projects, student and staff mobilities, production of joint results and increased knowledge and mutual understanding. 

Expected Outcomes and Outputs

Outcomes outputs and indicators (full version)

O 1 – improved skills and competences of student and staff in Higher Education – through learning mobility

470 outgoing Romanian students
35 incoming students from Donor States
300 outgoing Romanian staff
100 incoming staff from Donor States

O2 – strengthened institutional cooperation in the Higher Education area, based on common needs

26 joint intellectual outputs
7 joint scientific articles
26 joint events
550 students & staff involved

O3 – improved skills and competences of educational experts (school inspectors, teacher trainers, counsellors) – through learning mobility

350 educational experts

O4 – improved quality of work-based learning

40 curricula re-designed to match labour market needs
50 partnerships concluded
150 VET trainers and tutors in companies and schools in learning mobility

O5 – increased organisational capacity of institutions to ensure an effective inclusion of Roma children

55 new optional curricula and teaching materials developed
60 school involved
550 teachers trained
2 200 Roma and Non-Roma pupils involved
1 300 Roma and Non-Roma parents involved
90% share of school staff who declare better skills/competencies regarding the Roma inclusion
15% decrease of the percentage of Roma pupils in the project experiencing discrimination in partner schools (from the part of the teachers and non-Roma colleagues)
90% rate of satisfaction of pupils participating in the extra-curricular awareness raising activities on inclusion

O6 – enhanced collaboration between Romanian and Donor States institutions involved in the programme

10 new higher education bilateral agreements
78 projects with partners from Donor States

Identifying partners

The Norwegian program partner, The Norwegian Center for International Cooperation in Education (DIKU), has created two resource pages (one for potential project promoters in the countries covered by the EEA-funded programme and one for potential Norwegian partners) with relevant information about finding a partner in Norway and in the countries targeted by the programme.

In the near future, it is planned to include in these pages a contact form for institutions interested in receiving funding and which find it very difficult to identify a potential partner in Norway. The form will also address Norwegian institutions interested in participating in these projects.

In the long run, it is desirable that this approach will support the easier identification of potential partners.

Resource for potential project promoters (in English):

Resource for potential Norwegian partners (in Norwegian):  – information is also available in English 

History of the Programme

As of 2004, the ANPCDEFP was designated as the Programme Operator for the programmes in the field of education financed by the EEA Financial Mechanisms.

The two programmes, developed between 2004 – 2009 and 2009 – 2014, were implemented jointly with:

The programme supported the incoming and outgoing student and staff mobilities in Higher Education from Romania and Donor States (both ways).   

The programme started in November 2007 and ended in March 2011.

Budget made up of:

EEA Grants: 935.000,00 euro

Naţional Contribution: 165.000,00 euro

  • 2009-2014: the Scholarships and Inter-Institutional Programme 

The programme aimed at modernising the Higher Education in Romania by enhancing human capital and knowledge base.


  • Increased higher education student and staff mobility between Romania and Iceland,  Liechtenstein and Norway
  • Increased institutional cooperation  between Romania  and the Donor States
  • Enhanced skills of Romanian student and staff through cooperation and mobilities exchanges 

The programme started in March 2012 and ended in 2017.

Budget was made up of:

EEA Grants: 4,500,000.00 euro

Naţional Contribution: 500,000.00 euro

More information at:

Results of Previous Programmes

Outcomes and outputs



student mobilities

higher education’s staff mobilities


O1: Increased higher education student and staff mobilities in the EEA and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) States

student mobilities

staff mobilities

O2: Increased institutional cooperation in higher education with EEA and EFTA States

mobilities & projects

Romanian universities

joint articles/ publications

joint summer school/ intensive programmes

joint events

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