During May 25-26, 2023, ANPCDEFP and The Wergeland Center in Oslo, organized the event “Building Inclusive and Democratic School Cultures in Romania”, a follow-up activity but also an important opportunity to exchange data, best practices and impressions based on courses attended in Norway by the participants in the current event.

“The event organized in Bucharest was an opportunity to exchange good practices, to share personal experiences and to develop professionally for each of us, starting from the concept of a democratic school. Methodists, counselors and inspectors who participated in the training courses of the Wergeland Centre discussed about the success of implemented projects, challenges and “recipes” that could be applied in the future.
There was raised the question of long-term sustainability, of the possibility of changing mentalities, of approaching an open and applied vision of what education for human rights and education for democratic citizenship means, and what can be done at the network level to increase the degree of inclusion and promotion of non-discrimination in schools.
The implementation of the next actions depends on the context (see: coronavirus!), on the availability of those who would like to implement activities in the future (see: additional tasks!) and on the desire for positive changes, on the need to get out of the comfort zone. Plus the inherent required efforts.” (Daniela Danea, Casa Corpului Didactic, Bistrita-Năsăud)

Mister. Călin Rus, the Director of the Intercultural Institute in Timișoara, spoke about ensuring and maintaining a democratic and inclusive climate in schools.

Mrs. Ana Perona, Executive Director of the Wergeland European Center, insisted on the long-term impact of actions aimed at building a democratic culture in schools. These can develop decision-makers’ awareness of the need for human rights education and democratic citizenship education at a deep, not just declarative, level. It is important to follow the transferability of thematic information and to use tools that can measure the degree of democratization of schools, including the Whole School Approach principle.

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Building democratic school cultures in Romania (2018 – 2023)
Key project results 

For the course objectives, participants’ profile and other details, see the course presentation