On 24, 25 and 31 May, the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills organized an online event attended by approximately 100 representatives of technical vocational education institutions in Romania. During these three meetings, there were addressed important current topics, through which the Romanian specialists became acquainted with the VET educational system in Norway, and were give the opportunity to understand how permanent connections and the update of the relationships between the labor market requirements and the availability of the national education system are developed and how the national education system adapts to these requirements. Also, they were given the chance to find out how the administrative and official structures support these links, both at the local level and also through efficient levers at national level.

The three topics addressed gradually referred to elements and contents related as closely as possible to practical activities, both administrative and operational, focusing on an introduction to the Norwegian VET system (May 24), the Norwegian model for apprenticeships (May 25) and what is currently done for Ensuring Labor Market Relevance in Vocational Education in Norway (May 31).

Representatives of technological high schools, technical colleges and vocational schools in Romania – with a good national representation – asked questions and expressed their interest for the huge learning potential  with and from their Norwegian counterparts.

A presentation of the Norwegian VET system