2017: EEA Mobility Project – „Lucian Blaga“ University, Sibiu (*)

Project Promoter: Universitatea „Lucian Blaga“, Sibiu

Project Code: EY-MPO-0070

The mobility project is needed to increase the number of mobilities, teachers and students, with Norwegian universities. At the same time LBUS strives to assure internationalization at-home for non-mobile students by creating an international environment through incoming professors, academic staff and students.

The objective of project is to create sustainable networks and to enhance the international cooperation with universities from EEA states, through academic mobility, the improvement of transparency and recognition of studies/improvement of staff skills and qualifications.

LBUS will encourage the implementation of best practices for improving the quality of higher education and for developing a common curriculum. LBUS ensures a supportive environment for the development of human resources through encouraging the mobilities and increasing job satisfaction. Students’ participation will be visible in their future careers and initiatives, for an easier insertion on the labour market.

Direct beneficiaries will be students, in all cycles of studies, who will experience a new study/practice environment, for a smoother inclusion on the labor market. Also teachers and administrative staffs, will experience new methods of teaching and job shadowing, in order to use the acquired knowledge in their future career. A special attention will be given to the Roma citizens for reducing social and financial disparities.

The project will encourage and facilitate a very close cooperation between LBUS and EEA partners, in order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives. The roles of the partners will be to provide relevant support for mobilities’ beneficiaries and for sustainable and balanced outcomes for all the involved partners.


Email:  dep.externe@ulbsibiu.ro


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March 9, 2020