2017: EEA Mobility Project – University of Craiova

Project Promoter: Universitatea din Craiova

Project Code: EY-MPO-0002

This mobility project responds to the strategic policy of internationalisation of the University of Craiova which aims at increasing the number of staff and student exchange mobilities and international activities carried out by beneficiaries from our institution and partner universities from Norway and Iceland. Thus, they will provide the corresponding training for both academic and administrative staff members in order to increase their performance level.
They will also provide the appropriate framework for the modernisation and internationalisation of academic activities through experience and best practice exchanges that can be then implemented in partner institutions.

The EEA Grant will help us to increase the number of available exchange opportunities that our academic community can access in order to study or carry out research activities in partner universities from Norway and Iceland. Carrying out this project will allow us to maintain and develop the partnerships that have already been established with partner universities and to allow to other students and staff members the opportunity to visit these universities within the framework of the EEA Mobility Project.

The academic exchanges will allow the enhancement of each party’s educational and academic programmes. This will encourage exchange of information, best practices and academic materials in fields of mutual interest.

The target group consist of staff members and students of the University of Craiova and partner institutions involved in this mobility project.

The role of the donor partner is essential in providing support to foster academic exchange and international cooperation. Moreover, the role of the partner is to contribute to the drawing up of realistic and achievable objectives and to their implementation through common actions.


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March 9, 2020