2018: Job Qualification Through Quality Traineeships for Pupils in the Field of Mechanics (*)

Project promoter: “Jacques M. Elias” Technology Secondary School
Project partner: Economic operator Interagroaliment SRL
The hosting organisation in Norway: Gand Videregående Skole

Project Code: 2018-EY-PCV1-0007

General objective of the project: Quality traineeships to help students achieve suitable accommodation on the labour market

Specific objectives:

  1. Improve the quality of teaching and practical on-the-job training for the work field (learning at work) by the professional development of teachers, exchange of good practices at managerial level and the internationalisation of the institution.
  2. The practical approach to learning and matching skills acquired with labour market requirements, i.e. the economic operator, in order to increase employability of graduates in the field of mechanics.


  • 7 teachers and 2 participants from the economic operator participating in the study visit in Norway;
  • 9 teachers + entrants to the economic arm with developed skills in organising traineeships;
  • 9 participants in the study visit with communication skills in English improved;
  • 4 local curricula for the project;
  • 1 best practice manual (guide to the tutors)
  • 5 practice portfolios;
  • 5 notebooks to be applied in electronic format;
  • 5 learning agreements;
  • 1 digital educational platform for the driver qualification;
  • 1 comparative driver schooling guide;
  • 1 project website.



The impact on the institution, due to the expected results, and the long-term benefits, consists of:

  • Raising the prestige of the institution in the community;
  • Increasing the quality of work-based learning, as measured by the insertion of direct beneficiaries into the labour market;
  • A better match among  the theoretical content with the practical part and the requirements of the labour market;
  • The internationalisation of the educational institution;
  • Improving the collaboration between the school and the economic operator.

For the pupils the impact consists of:

  • Improved  skills and practical abilities in the field of mechanics;
  • Increased socio-employment rate of graduates qualified as mechanic operators.