2017: EEA Mobilities – „Alexandru Ioan Cuza“ University, Iași (*)

Project Promoter: Universitatea „Alexandru Ioan Cuza“, Iași

Project Code: EY-MPO-0042

The project was needed to further expand the scope of UAIC academic international cooperation mainly by attracting EEA students and staff to choose UAIC as their exchange destination, by offering students and staff from UAIC the possibility to study, teach or train in EEA institutions and by designing future projects and joint activities.

The main purpose is to develop and improve the cooperation between UAIC and EEA HEIs through the promotion of academic excellence and institutional improvement, reduction of mobility obstacles, exchange of good practices and internationalization at home.

The EEA exchanges will provide students with specialized knowledge not only in their fields of study, but also on the cultures of all countries involved, meaningful experience and linguistic proficiency which will be used as assets in their future jobs. The staff exchanges will lead to new curriculum design and teaching/assessment methods and implementation of good practices.

There are three categories of beneficiaries of mobility exchanges: students and staff from UAIC, students and staff from donor countries, as well as UAIC and EEA partner institutions as a whole. Students will have the opportunity to adapt to a new environment (academic, cultural, social and linguistic), to improve their foreign language skills, to improve their academic skills and to develop a strong and responsible personality. The academic staff will discover different teaching and assessment methods and different curriculum content. The administrative staff will have the possibility of exchanging good practices with their colleagues from partner institutions and to improve their skills in organizing student services. The project will increase the quantity and quality of the EEA mobility exchanges which are still expected to grow into cooperation projects of research of common interest. The donor partnership could better connect different public and private actors across the EEA and Romanian territory.


Email: alexandra.teodorescu@uaic.ro


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March 9, 2020