Incoming/outgoing mobilities financed under the EEA Grants shall remain suspended throughout the alert period. The possibility of their restart, after the end of this state of alert, depends on the measures that the competent national authorities will require, both in the sending country and in the host country.

 In the event that the international flights or transport will be permitted without restrictions, as from a certain date, transnational mobility may resume under the following conditions:

  1. the responsibility for the safe conduct of mobility (transport, health) must be assumed in writing by the participant, the sending institution/organisation and the receiving institution/organisation; in this respect, before leaving for mobility, the sending institution/organisation will contact the host institution/organisation in order to have full and correct information on the security and preventive measures imposed by the authorities in the host country so that the participant is not put at risk upon arrival and during his/her mobility;
  2. all participants must have a valid coverage insurance during the mobility period;
  3. where a quarantine or self-isolation period is imposed on the participant in the host country, this period CANNOT be covered financially by the EEA grant because the departure has to take place only if the participant is in full knowledge of the participation conditions as referred to in point 1;
  4. any additional costs related to return transport from mobility will no longer be covered by the EEA Grants unless a case of force majeure can be invoked (invoking the general term “Covid 19 pandemic” is no longer accepted, because the EU countries have announced/announce relaxation measures).