Under the component dedicated to co-operation projects in the field of higher education, on Friday 22 January 2021, the Program Operator (PO) organised a webinar dedicated to writing better applications for the future calls to projects. A broad presentation of the formal requirements of this component, the evaluators’ recommendations received so far and other technical recommendations were offered by the Technical Coordinator of the EEA Project Implementation Unit (UIP-SEE).

A better content

The presentation highlighted the ESAYEP priorities for this component, the optimal approach of the objectives – results – impact for the projects, the relationship with the partners and the target groups, as well as elements related to better implementation, monitoring, evaluation and promotion of the projects. Concrete examples of situations and activities, together with how to deal with them, have also been given for a clear understanding of the recommendations.

Answers focused on participants’ questions

In the second part of the webinar, answers to the specific questions received during or before the presentation from the 37 representatives of universities from Romania and Iceland were provided.

Thus, along with answers on intellectual products, the way in which multiplication events are budgeted, how to write a SMART objective etc., the participants learned that on the website of they can find useful recommendations and links to identify partners from Norway or other Donor States and the fact that the call for preparatory visits, in order to strengthen partnerships for the writing of joint projects, is still open.

The UIP-SEE team wishes everyone success in writing good applications for the call for cooperation projects (with deadline at 15.02.2021, 13.00, Romanian time)!