Starting with June 17th, the mobility of students, teachers and other staff from Romania to EEA countries can be resumed, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Responsibility for carrying out safe mobility (transport, health) shall be assumed in writing by the participant, the sending institution/organisation and the receiving institution/organisation;
  2. In this respect, prior to departure for mobility, the sending institution/organisation will contact the host institution/organisation to have accurate and complete information on the safety and prevention measures imposed by the host country authorities so that the participant is not put in situations of risk upon arrival and during the ongoing mobility;
  3. All participants shall have valid health insurance coverings for the period of the mobility traineeship; if the Participant is required to quarantine or self-insulate in the host country, this period may NOT be financially covered by the ESAYEP grant because the departure had to take place in an informed manner, as referred to in point 1;
  4. Any additional costs related to return from mobility will no longer be borne by ESAYEP unless a case of force majeure can be invoked (a general term ‘Covid Pandemic 19’ is no longer accepted as EU countries announced relaxation measures)

Warning: There is the possibility that when you return to Romania you will spend a period in quarantine or self-isolation, depending on the measures ordered by the Romanian authorities.

We recommend that you regularly refer to the list of countries for which is not required a quarantine or a self-isolation period.

More details here.

EU resource: Re-Open EU