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Deadline to submit the project proposals: 31 May 2018


Deadline for preparatory visits: open

Projects for school education
The general objective of the Programme – to enhance the human capital and knowledge base in Romania – is materialised in the School Education (SE) system through mobility projects of continuous training for educational experts. The projects will have a direct impact on the development of the professional skills of the educational experts (school inspectors, counselors, teacher trainer).

Using the new knowledge and skills acquired, these professionals will support the educational institutions they are working in to assist schools in increasing their quality of education. They will ensure the sustainability of the results obtained by transferring these learning outcomes to teachers from the Romanian schools.

Direct target group: education institutions whose role is to support schools in the national education system

End beneficiaries: staff (school inspectors, counselors, teacher trainers) of these institutions

Applicant institutions and participants in the HE projects are presented in the section: Are You Eligible?

The Donor Programme Partners:

facilitate the contact with potential public or/and private partners from the Donor States.

Facts Sheets:

Looking for partners for school inspectors, counselors, teacher trainers
The programme is designed to encourage the partnerships between organisations in the Donor Countries and in the beneficiary countries.

On this page you can find general information on identifying potential project partners and on development of such partnerships.

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