Applications: Projects for School Education

Round: 2021
No. Town Institution Project Title Received
by the PO
Number of Reference Project Status
1 Sfântu-Gheorghe CJRAE Covasna From an Integrative to an Inclusive School 02.12.2021 2021-EY-PMIP-0001 Eligible
2 Pitești CJRAE Argeș Optimized pupil tools to increase social inclusion and access on the labor market 02.12.2021 2021-EY-PMIP-0002 Eligible
3 Târgu Jiu ISJ Gorj I am integrable, not negligible! 02.12.2021 2021-EY-PMIP-0003 Eligible
4 Sfântu- Gheorghe CCD Covasna Without Borders and Boundaries 02.12.2021 2021-EY-PMIP-0004 Eligible
5 Brașov CCD Brașov Ways to build a democratic and inclusive culture in school 03.12.2021 2021-EY-PMIP-0005 Eligible
6 Târgoviște CJRAE Dâmbovița Building Inclusive and Democratic Schools 03.12.2021 2021-EY-PMIP-0006 Eligible
7 Slatina ISJ Olt EducCREATIV 03.12.2021 2021-EY-PMIP-0007 Eligible
8 Tulcea ISJ Tulcea Rethink education and management approach for an Inclusive and Democratic learning Environment 03.12.2021 2021-EY-PMIP-0008 Eligible
9 Deva CJRAE Hunedoara School for all! Making them want to stay! 03.12.2021 2021-EY-PMIP-0009 Eligible
10 Cluj-Napoca ISJ Cluj Change Revives Education and Enables Democracy! 03.12.2021 2021-EY-PMIP-0010 Eligible
11 Vaslui CJRAE Vaslui Learn and Play In and Out 03.12.2021 2021-EY-PMIP-0011 Eligible
12 Vaslui CCD Vaslui Active Learning And Stress-Free Schools For All Students And Teachers in the Pandemic Period 03.12.2021 2021-EY-PMIP-0012 Eligible
13 Iași CCD „Spiru Haret“ Iași New Approaches for Learning and Living Together 03.12.2021 2021-EY-PMIP-0013 Eligible
14 Drobeta Turnu Severin CCD Mehedinti 4C for Democratic Citizenship – Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking 03.12.2021 2021-EY-PMIP-0014 Eligible
15 Bistrița CCD Bistrița Năsăud Promoting social inclusion through access to outdoor education 03.12.2021 2021-EY-PMIP-0015 Eligible
Published on
6 December 2021
Published on
22 December 2021
Round: 2020
No. Town Institution Project Title Received
by the PO
Number of Reference Project Status
1 Vaslui CCD Vaslui Teachers and students for inclusive education 24.05.2021 2020-EY-PMIP-0001 Eligible
2 Sf. Gheorghe CJRAE Covasna From an Integrative to an Inclusive School 03.06.2021 2020-EY-PMIP-0002 Eligible
3 Alba Iulia CJRAE Alba Health and well-being in school 04.06.2021 2020-EY-PMIP-0003 Eligible
Published on
8 June 2021
Published on
14 June 2021
3rd Round: 5 May 2020 – extended up to 16 October 2020
No. Town Institution Project Title Received
by the PO
Number of Reference Project Status
1 Drobeta Tr. Severin CJRAE Mehedinti ABC Counseling – Active Bullying Confronting in the school counseling activity 12.10.2020 2019-EY-PMIP-0001 Eligible
2 Deva CJRAE Hunedoara We are the Change! 14.10.2020 2019-EY-PMIP-0002 Eligible
3 Satu Mare CJRAE Satu Mare WE TRANSFER…Educating for democracy 15.10.2020 2019-EY-PMIP-0003 Eligible
4 Iași CCD Iași Democracy starts with you! 16.10.2020 2019-EY-PMIP-0004 Eligible
5 Brașov CCD Brașov Equal Opportunities in changing learning environments (face to face, hybrid and online) 16.10.2020 2019-EY-PMIP-0005 Eligible
6 Sf. Gheorghe CCD “Csutak Vilmos” Covasna The Teacher in a Changing World 16.10.2020 2019-EY-PMIP-0006 Eligible
7 Târgoviște CJRAE Dâmbovița Better Schools for All 16.10.2020 2019-EY-PMIP-0007 Eligible
8 Iași CJRAE Iași School for diversity – a catalyst for an inclusive society 16.10.2020 2019-EY-PMIP-0008 Eligible
9 Vaslui CJRAE Vaslui t-EACH for all and EACH 16.10.2020 2019-EY-PMIP-0009 Eligible
10 București CMBRAE Every school needs an inclusive and well-being team! 16.10.2020 2019-EY-PMIP-0010 Eligible
Published on
20 October 2020
      Published on
20 October 2020
2nd Round: May 2019
No. Town Institution Project Title Received
by the PO
Number of Reference Project Status
1 Timișoara CCD Timis School prepares active citizens 25.04.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0001 Eligible
2 Alba Iulia CJRAE Alba Together for life skills through green and inclusive education! 25.04.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0002 Eligible
3 Piatra Neamț CJRAE Neamț Promoting inclusion and education for democracy 02.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0003 Eligible
4 Iași CCD “Spiru Haret” Iasi

Social Inclusion Through Inclusive Education

02.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0004 Eligible
5 Slatina CCD Olt New teachers for a new school 02.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0005 Eligible
6 Sibiu CJRAE Sibiu Intercultural exploration in European schools 02.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0006 Eligible
7 Bacău CCD Bacău Cross out borders by adopting new approaches to teaching 02.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0007 Eligible
8 Suceava CJRAE Suceava Building Inclusive and Democratic School Cultures 03.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0008 Eligible
9 București CMBRAE Every school needs a well-being team 03.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0009 Eligible
10 Pitești CJRAE Argeș Changing Education through Teachers Adaptation 03.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0010 Eligible
11 Piatra Neamț ISJ Neamț Tolerance, rights and unity in education 03.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0011 Eligible
12 Ialomita ISJ Ialomita Teacher as a change agent for 21st century education 03.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0012 Eligible
13 Drobeta Turnu Severin CJRAE Mehedinti PAThITUDE- PATH for mainstreaming human right ATTITUDE 03.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0013 Eligible
14 Iași ISJ Iași thE SchoolS neEd ageNts of ChangE! 03.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0014 Eligible
15 Drobeta Turnu Severin ISJ Mehedinti How to be the change 03.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0015 Eligible
16 Sf. Gheorghe ISJ Covasna Liedership and Inclusion for Inclusive Schools 03.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0016 Eligible
17 Ialomita CCD Ialomita

Education for Sustainable Development and European Citizenship

03.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0017 Eligible
18 Brănești ISJ Ilfov Community Team to Enhance Social Inclusion and Democratic Change 03.05.2019 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0018 Eligible
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15 May 2019



Updated: 15 May 2019

1st Round: May 2018
No.  Town Institution Project Title  Received
by the PO
Number of Reference Project Status
1 Alba Iulia CJRAE Alba The Teacher as a Change Agent 25.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0001 Application annuled by the applicant
2 Alba Iulia CJRAE Alba The Teacher as a Change Agent 25.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0002 Application annuled by the applicant
3 Alba Iulia CJRAE Alba The Teacher as a Change Agent 28.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0003 Eligible
4 Bacău CCD Bacău Training Teachers to Impact 21st century students 29.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0004 Eligible
5 Focșani CJRAE Vrancea Addressing diversity in education 30.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0005 Eligible
6 Iași ISJ Iași Citizenship, Human Rights, Inclusion and Leadership for Democratic schools 30.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0006 Eligible
7 Bistrița CCD Bistrița Diversity, Inclusion & Democracy – Reshaping the School Life and Culture 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0007 Eligible
8 Bucureşti CCD Bucureşti Resurse Educationale pentru Generatia Viitorului 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0008 Eligible
9 Suceava CCD Suceava Promoters od Education New Strategies 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0009 Eligible
10 Iași CJRAE Iași QualForm – CALitate in educatie prin FORMarea echipelor de schimbare 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0010 Eligible
11 Drobeta Turnu- Severin CJRAE Mehedinți SAFE Inclusion 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0011 Eligible
12 Târgu Mureș CJRAE Mureș Education for change 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0012 Eligible
13 Sibiu CJRAE Sibiu Social inclusion through equality in diversity 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0013 Eligible
14 Suceava CJRAE Suceava Inclusion and diversity – opportunity for a inclusive Society 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0014 Eligible
15 Vaslui CJRAE Vaslui The Teacher as a Change Agent 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0015 Eligible
16 Alba Iulia ISJ Alba The Change Agent 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0016 Eligible
17 Bucureşti ISMB Democratic Culture Management 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0017 Eligible
18 Suceava ISJ Suceava Inclusion4all 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0018 Eligible
19 Bucureşti CMBRAE Strenghtening up civic skills for students in order to promote diversity and tolerance in schools 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0019 Eligible
20 Slatina ISJ Olt Democratic School Culture with Teacher as a Change Agent 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0020 Eligible
21 Cluj Napoca CCD Cluj Enhancing Quality in Teachers’ Training 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0021 Eligible
22 Târgoviște ISJ Dâmbovița Democratic Management for a Quality Educational Network 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0022 Eligible
23 Timișoara CCD Timiș Let’s Learn Democracy 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0023 Eligible
24 Călărași ISJ Călărași The teacher is a change agent 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0024 Eligible
25 Focșani CCD Vrancea The teacher is a change agent 31.05.2018 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0025 Eligible
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22 June 2018 


Updated: 22 June 2018