2018: VET education at Scandinavian standards for students with disabilities in Romania (*)

Project Promoter: „Beethoven“ Craiova Special Technological High School
Project Code: 2018-EY-PCVET-R2-0002

The aim of the project: to improve the practical training activity of students with VET disabilities, at national economic agents, through the study visit carried out at the Norwegian VET school Mosjøen Videregående Skole.
In order to achieve the objectives of the project following the visit to Mosjoen Videregaende Skole, Norway, made between 27.01.2020-31.01.2020, the contents were previously established by the representatives of the 2 partner schools and the partner economic agent, starting from the achievement of the 3 objectives .

The visit was attended by: 8 VET teachers and 2 representatives of the partner economic agent.
They were selected based on a methodology and a timetable approved by the school board. The 2 representatives of the economic agent were nominated by him.

The study visit of the 10 people from Romania included interactive workshops, activities for the analysis of Norwegian models, pedagogical simulations guided by Norwegian VET experts in order to integrate the tested Norwegian models in Romania. 4 study visits were organized to economic agents partners of Mosjoen Videregaende Skole, as well as to their workshops, where concrete, real practical internship activities were carried out.
Prior to the visit, the participants benefited from a course for English and one for pedagogical and cultural training.
Beethoven Craiova Special Technological High School together with SC Top Service SRL cooperated in the project management according to the program rules, they organized all the organizational aspects.
After the visit, activities were carried out jointly with the 2 partners for the implementation of good practices, models and tools taken over in the internships for the students of the school. CDL, partnership and good practice guide.
Both partner organizations in Romania have carried out a process of dissemination and valorization of the results according to the specific plan.


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