2018: The Teacher as a Change Agent – CJRAE Alba

Project promoter: CJRAE Alba

NR: 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0003

 Main objective: Institutional development by increasing the quality of specialized services provided by school counsellors and speech therapists (staff).

Specific objectives:

  1. Improve staff competencies in order to provide quality educational services.
  2. Building “teams of change” within CJRAE and schools in the county;
  3. Staff experiments/assimilates the role of facilitator in a student-centred education system.
  4. Promoting project-based, cooperative and experiential learning.
  5. Development and implementation of interdisciplinary projects.
  6. Transfer of good practices from NO to RO.

Newschool AS (NO) – an educational design agency specializing in creating tools that facilitate learning experiences appropriate to current needs.

Impact: Staff participating in mobility had a learning experience based on co-operation, experimenting with certain roles within working teams, creating a curriculum design. Visits to two Norwegian schools provided participants with the opportunity to see how student-centred learning techniques are implemented through an interdisciplinary approach. This was disseminated and multiplied to 50 school professionals who implemented new activities with pupils, parents, class masters and principals.

Results: 1 workshop addressing teachers’ counsellors and speech therapists, 1 guide with interactive exercises for teachers (The teacher, the agent of change. Exercise Guide for Facilitators – ISBN 978-973-0-28860-5 – 60 copies), 1 symposium (Professor, Agent of Change); roll-up, leaflets, posters, stickers, Facebook page, 4 articles in local/online press, direct participation in 2 symposiums.

Figures: 4 counsellors in CJRAE; 1 structured course; 1 workshop for 50 school counsellors/speech therapists, 1 interactive exercise guide for teachers; 120 students from 3 pilot schools in Alba County (Art School “Regina Maria” & Technological High School “Alexandru Domşa” in Alba Iulia, „Toma Cocişiu” Blaj School”); 85 teachers; 150 school directors.