2018: The Change Agent – ISJ Alba

Project Promoter: ISJ Alba

Codul proiectului: 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0016

The main objective of the project: increasing the level of training of ISJ Alba inspectors and the knowledge of teachers teaching in pre-university education through mobility in Norway.

Specific objectives:

  1. Improving the skills on democracy, human rights and inclusion as to provide education services of quality.
  2. Facilitating the development of the social skills of teachers for: Building “change teams” in school; Open approach of the FAMILY-SCHOOL relationship; Transforming teachers into facilitators of learning; Promoting learning based on problem solving through interdisciplinary projects etc.
  3. Increasing the quality of education and the partnership between education and the labor market – transfer of models from NO to RO.

Norwegian partner, Newschool: an educational design agency specializing in creating tools that facilitate learning experiences appropriate to current needs. The Agency focuses on innovation in education technology and it is a member of the Nordic Centre for Social Innovation.

Impact: The inspectors have experienced a direction based on increasing motivation and interest in school. The contact with another culture has contributed to the professional development of the participants, of their skills to facilitate teaching-learning-evaluation, in a student-centred system, through an interdisciplinary approach.

Main results: a course support on newly learned methods and an optional curriculum on the human right to an inclusive and multicultural education. Topics of Interest for Students are addressed: Critical Thinking and Children’s Rights; bullying; Inclusion and social exclusion; Democracy in school. School in Democracy etc.

Numbers: 10 inspectors trained; 1 structured course; 3 local dissemination seminars, 1 optional curriculum; 2620 pupils; 10 extracurricular activities; 3930 parents; 131 teachers.

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