2018: Social inclusion through equality in diversity – CJRAE Sibiu

Project Promoter: CJRAE Sibiu

Project Code: 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0013

Overall objective: Institutional development by improving and streamlining the competencies of the educational experts within CJRAE Sibiu

Specific objectives:

  1. Acquiring innovative approaches to achieve and enhance the retention of disadvantaged students
  2. Practical exploration of the teacher’s role as an agent of change not only of his own practice, but as a person with a personalized, informal and collaborative vision of education
  3. Acquiring key competences in intercultural education and acquiring new learning methods by cooperation in multicultural/diverse groups

Norwegian partner, Newschool AS: an educational design agency specializing in creating tools that facilitate learning experiences appropriate to current needs. The Agency focuses on innovation in education technology and is a member of the Nordic Center for Social Innovation.

Icelandic partner, InterCultural Iceland: a non-profit consortium developing innovative educational initiatives and offering a broad spectrum of multidisciplinary expertise and training activities. Research and training center in the field of intercultural education and teacher training in: cooperative learning, complex training methodology, active, creative teaching methods in the field of anti-racist and anti-discrimination training.

Impact: Increasing motivation and awareness of the active involvement of beneficiaries in psycho-pedagogical/logopedic counseling activities, motivation of school counselors/speech therapists to apply innovative and inclusive methods in their activities with pupils.

Main results: A good practice guide that includes games and activities to create a safe and trusting atmosphere in class, with examples of cooperative learning activities; implementing innovative methods/approaches in psycho-pedagogical/speech therapy activities.

Numbers: 9 participants, 3 disseminations in CJRAE Sibiu for 60 experts, 7 disseminations/workshops in schools for 109 teachers, 71 parents, 189 preschools students, 3 symposiums.

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