2018: QualForm – CJRAE Iași

Project Promoter: CJRAE Iași 

Project Title: QUALity in education by FORMing teams of change  

ID: 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0010

 The aim of the project: to improve the counseling and psycho-pedagogical services in order to increase their adaptability and flexibility to the requirements of a changing socio-educational environment and, through the training of CJRAE Iaşi experts in Norway, as well as the harness of skills developed during the training program.

Specific objectives:

  1. Strengthening of specialised professional skills for 3 school counselors to build ”change teams” and their ability to implement a unitary set of methodologies and working tools needed in the intervention and support of the education actors, by participating in the training program ”The teacher is a change agent”.
  2. Increasing the degree of intercommunication, interrelation and social integration of the education actors, through access to innovative sessions for personal and professional development, addressed to a number of 30 school counselors, 40 teachers, 30 headteachers, 30 pupils and 30 parents.

The Norwegian partner, Newschool, is an educational design agency specialising in creating tools that facilitate learning experiences appropriate to current needs. The Agency focuses on innovation in education technology and it is a member of Nordic Centre for Social Innovation.  

Impact: Strengthened specific competences of our employees to increase the quality of counseling services for pupils, parents and teachers and the quality of education; developed support resources applicable to the counseling and psycho-pedagogical assistance process, with impact on the beneficiaries of psycho-pedagogical assistance services; increased visibility of the institution in the community and within the professional training networks; institutional development as a ”communication node” in the community.

Main results:

Development of a practical guide to disseminate the expertise accumulated during the training course; workshops for teachers centred on: strategies for the optimisation of communications between the school, pupils and parents and the building of ”change teams” in schools; workshops addressed to school counselors to implement methodologies, tools and work procedures centred on: strategies to strengthen the role of the facilitator of interpersonal relationships and the change agent in school, ways to optimise the communication between the school, pupils and parents and the building of ”change teams”.

Numbers: 3 counselors participating in the training course, 1 practical guide for the dissemination of the expertise gathered during the course (170 copies), 42 school counselors benefited from 3 workshops, 46 teachers benefited from 2 workshops, 1 project presentation activity involving 65 CJRAE Iasi employees, 2 local dissemination activities attended by 126 CJRAE Iași employees, 3 partnership agreements with schools contributing to the implementation of the project, 3 counseling programs and psycho-pedagogical assistance focused on how to build ”change teams” in schools.