2018: QED – Democratic Management for a Quality Educational Network – ISJ DB

Project Promoter: County School Inspectorate Dâmbovița

Project goal: The development of a network of democratic schools, in which all actors are involved in the elaboration and implementation of the institutional development plan, where diversity represents a positive learning context and the teacher can be a real agent of change.

Main objectives:

  1. Improving the decisional, informational, organizational, methodological management in the Inspectorate, schools and in class through decisional transparency, increased institutional capacity and efficiency, in order to increase the quality in education.
  2. Increasing the quality of teaching-learning-evaluation process by upgrading the learning approach and the quality assessment system.
  3. Ensuring a stable, equitable, effective and relevant educational system in the county, compatible with the European one, by enhancing access to quality education for democratic citizenship (EDC), ensuring social equity policies and equal chances for pupils.


Newschool is an education design agency specialized in building tools that foster collaboration and facilitate contemporary learning experiences.

InterCultural Iceland is a non-profit consortium developing innovative educational initiatives and offering a broad spectrum of multi-disciplinary expertise.

European Wergeland Centre is a resource centre on education for intercultural understanding, human rights and democratic citizenship.

Impact and results:

  • 10 educational experts trained in 3 mobilities
  • A network of democratic schools – shares positive experiences, creates a community for promoting change, raises the confidence in inspectors
  • Development of EDC policy – a guide for institutional development plans
  • Toolbox for 21st century teachers
  • A proposal for an optional curriculum in Diversity
  • A proposal for a regional training course for teachers and school managers
  • 1 study visit and 1 job shadowing, 20 inspectors applying new methods
  • 150 school managers, teachers and parents participating in activities
  • 1 final conference