2017: Mobility Project – UMF Cluj-Napoca

Project Promoter: UMF Cluj

Project Code: EY-MPO-0079

In line with the overall international commitment of the University, the international engagements through new initiatives and partnerships for academic, research, development or mobility purposes are expected to increase the university’s dynamism and opportunity diversity. The ESAYE Programme in Romania, beside the two-way mobility actions also responds to the collaborative international dimension needs of the medical education, cutting-edge research and innovation aimed to the medical sector, one of the most globalized one.

The main synergic activities that were promoted during the project are:

  • outward student mobility for training/ research purpose
  • outward staff mobility for training purpose

Project objectives:

  • to promote the co-operation between home institution and institutions in the Donor States;
  • to provide students and staff with access to a global perspective;
  • to remove barriers to mobility by coherent raise of awareness, transparent information access, linguistic and administrative services including counselling, study recognition and certification measures;
  • to foster programmes supporting staff mobility for training;
  • to insure a high quality of outward student and staff mobility;
  • to build capacities for support services.

The project results:

  • contributed to the EEA integration into the EU Area with respect to the university members’ freedom of motion
  • offered support in reducing disparities
  • increased partners’ mutual confidence in the educational and training conditions offered

Project beneficiaries:

  • undergraduate students (trainees)
  • Ph.D. students
  • academic staff members

The donor partners are renown HEIs, hospitals or research centers with high expertise level: (e.g. Medicine, Genetic Toxicity, Biopharma). They undertook the role of supervising the students and hosted staff members present for job shadowing purpose, know-how transfer and curriculum development.