2018: ENSURE – Educating students for developing high quality research

Project Promoter: The University „Lucian Blaga“ Sibiu

Project Code: EY-COP-0049

Graduates of medical studies and science-related fields who aim to go into academic and industrial research need to possess beyond excellent specialist skills also abilities to design and conduct experiments, interpret data, as well as to write scientific reports and papers.

Yet existing curricula barely offer any education and training in academic writing, let alone in any of the skills mentioned above. Education in these study programs tends to be lecture-based with no learned-based approaches and work in small groups.

ENSURE (EY-COP-0049) aims to remedy this problem by offering short term intensive trainings using a learner-centered approach, where participants are guided to solve real-life problems and attain transversal knowledge and skills for conducting and publishing research. The trainings are composed by sets of modular workshops which can be combined flexibly.


  • Create learning materials for students on how to conduct clinical studies, on the ethics and legal provisions of data-usage of in research with humans/patients, how to write research papers and scientific report;
  • Provide a learner-oriented methodology for transferring the knowledge using real-life problems
  • Organise a series of short-term intensive trainings composed by workshops


  • A methodology with practical use cases and workshop guidelines
  • A handbook with tools and methods for research-oriented transversal skills
  • A series of intensive short-term trainings
  • Publications in peer-reviewed conferences

The impact envisaged includes the modernization of curricula as well as the introduction of modular flexible workshops in the career development resources at universities. In addition, it will improve the skills sets of students (4th & 5th year of study) and young researchers in medical and science-related disciplines. Long-term benefits include a higher quality of research and scientific publications as well as increased access to third-party funding through project grants.



Contact: ioana.mircea@ulbsibiu.ro