2017: EEA Mobility Project – ASE București

Project Promoter: The Academy of EconomicStudies in Bucharest (ASE)

Project code: EY-MPO-0082

Partener: University of Reykjavik (Iceland)

Project duration: 01.06.2018 – 30.09.2019

The Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest (ASE) was established by Royal Decree in 1913 and has now 12 faculties providing academic education in economics, in Romanian and foreign languages.

The EEA mobility project’s main goal was to support the internationalisation process by increasing the international mobility and the exchange of learning, research and international cooperation between Romania and Iceland.

The project advocates the mobility of students, teachers and university staff to create synergies between partner universities and develop teaching activities and scientific co-operation in the field of economic and administrative sciences. The project also has a training component for developing the competencies for the drafting and management of international projects in collaboration with EEA States.


Contact: Prof. univ. dr. Marius Profiroiu, Prorector International Relations