2018: Education for Sustainable Development and European Citizenship

Project Promoter: Teaching Staff House Ialomița 
Project Code: 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0017

The project “Education for sustainable development and European citizenship” proposes reorienting the role of teachers in Ialomița County as a learning facilitator, agent of change from the perspective of education for sustainable development, European citizenship, as one that guides interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary learning. From the project team, made up of trainers (educational experts) employed by the Ialomița Teaching Staff House, 5 people participated in the mobility flows, who are part of the accreditation and approval teams (by MEN) of the training programs that resulted and will results from the courses followed in the mobilities.

The objectives:

  1. Improving the knowledge on education for sustainable development and European citizenship for a number of 5 trainers (employees of CCD Ialomița), until 30.12.2019
  2. Increasing the training of educational experts participating in mobility and educational flows among teachers in pre-university education in Ialomița County (facilitator teacher, mentor and agent of change) for a minimum of 100 teachers / year, up to dated 31.08.2021
  3. Development of a network of teachers / trainers / resource in education for sustainable development and European citizenship for teachers in Ialomița County, until 31.08.2021

Relevant numbers:

  • 5 expert-trainers attended the courses offered by Newschool, Oslo, Norway
  • 3 dissemination sessions and a workshop organized by CCD Ialomița (approximately 100 informed teachers)
  • 55 teachers trained in the course “Independent living skills in students, in the context of education for sustainable development” (40 hours), 55 teachers in training in the same course
  • 50 teachers trained in the course “Integration of training through online activities” (25 hours).

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