2018: Education 4 change – CJRAE Mureș

Project Promoter:  CJRAE Mureș

Project No.: 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0012

General objective: innovation of methods and techniques for working with 5th graders, for the field Advice and Counselling, through the mobility in Norway.

Specific objectives:

  1. Increase the efficiency and quality of psycho-pedagogical counselling services for pupils, teachers and parents, with a focus on proper integration of pupils within specific educational requirements of accessing secondary school.
  2. Training a group of 7 school counsellors from CJRAE Mureş to implement experiential learning for students of the 5th grade.
  3. Transfer of best practices regarding Advice and Counselling; a cooperative, multidisciplinary and integrated approach (involvement of all educational actors, awareness-raising).
  4. Promoting as many teachers as possible in interactive, experiential methods, centered on the student’s needs and adapting curricular content to different learning styles of the students.

The Norwegian partner, Newschool: An educational design agency specialised in the creation of tools that facilitate learning experiences appropriate to current needs. The Agency emphasises innovation in education technology and is a member of the Nordic Centre for Social Innovation.

Impact: School counsellors have practiced experiential techniques and methods and developed their skills to create effective teams of change in their own institution. The two mobilities contributed to the development skills as learning facilitators.

Main results: A guide of best practices for counselling and guidance with interactive themes: Self-knowledge and personal development, Communication and conflict management, Information management, Counselling.

Numbers: 7 school counsellors participating in mobility; 21 school counsellors and 60 teachers involved in the activities; 2 interactive training workshops; a local dissemination conference; an inter-county dissemination seminar; 1 best practice guide; 1000 pupils; 60 leading teachers; 170 interactive activities; 28 secondary schools.