2018: Democratic School Cultures with Teacher as a Change Agent – ISJ Olt (*)

Project Promoter: Inspectoratul Școlar Județean Olt

General Objective: Strengthening the capacity of the Inspectorate to introduce and promote the latest instruments of the Council of Europe for building democratic school cultures (DSC); supporting it in implementing innovative teaching-learning practices by learning from educational institutions in NO.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Improving the inspectors’ competences of introducing and promoting the newest instruments of the Council of Europe regarding the DSC and supporting them in implementing innovative practices in teaching & learning by mobilities in NO educational organizations.
  2. Creating of a methodology of intervention in the teaching-learning-evaluation process that contains methods and facilitation techniques, useful for interdisciplinary projects that place the pupil in the centre of the learning process and promote a democratic school culture and human rights.
  3. Promoting partnerships between the RO and NO schools, supporting the exchange of good educational

Norwegian Partners:

  1. The European Wergeland Centre is a centre for educational resources for the promotion of the intercultural understanding, human rights and democratic citizenship.
  2. Newschool is an organization specialized in the creation of instruments for facilitating learning and innovation in education.

Impact: Two mobility flows supported the inspectors in improving their learning competences by promoting interdisciplinary projects.

Main results: An intervention methodology in the teaching-learning-evaluation process with useful methods, facilitation techniques and instruments for developing interdisciplinary projects in schools that place the pupil in the centre of the educational act and promote a democratic culture and human rights.

Statistics: 3 inspectors trained in DSC and human rights, 4 inspectors trained in facilitation techniques, 2 structured courses, 4 dissemination workshops (150 participants), an optional course promoting DSC and human rights, using facilitation techniques.