2018: Connect the disconnections – from disparate data to insightful analysis

Promotorul proiectului: National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA) – Romania
Codul proiectului: 18-COP-0017

University of Malta (UoM) – Malta
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) – Norway

THESEUS Project aims at Connecting the Disconnections between Disparate Data, in order to provide knowledge for building Insightful Analysis. The broad availability of data has led to increasing interest in methods for extracting useful information and knowledge from data, determining the emergence of new fields of science (e.g. data science). At the same time, big data algorithms have been signaled as a potential leverage that can lead to digital dictatorship if insufficiently understood, poorly handled and unethically regulated.

Companies in every industry focused on ways to structure, process and analyze the growing volume and diversity of data so as to streamline decisions and gain a competitive edge. State institutions, regular citizens, social and political science practitioners on the other hand, are not yet properly equipped to properly mitigate the economic, social and political impact of the information technology revolution that awaits us in the decades to come. Therefore, in the process of understanding and mitigating risks and opportunities of big data, complex workloads, new skills and competences have to be acquired. Following these emerging needs, the objective of the project is to enhance human capital and knowledge base by tackling directly skills and competences required and providing an understanding of the processes guiding big data analytics.

This objective will be met by building and delivering a course, consisting of four modules, capitalizing on big data methodologies: introductory module, data collection module, data processing module and data analysis module. The project addresses two professional categories: governance and social scientists and national security practitioners, whose complementary work is of paramount importance in insuring the sustainable development of democracy.

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