2018: Citizenship, Human Rights, Inclusion and Leadership for Democratic Schools (CHILD) – ISJ Iași (*)

Project promoter: Inspectoratul Școlar Județean Iași

Project Code: 2018-EY-PMIP-R1-0006

The general objective of the project: to improve the institutional needs of the County School inspectorate of Iasi through 2 training programmes, where 9 school inspectors who are in a position to innovate the traditional teaching process and contribute to the educational management process, increase the quality of education in schools regionally and even nationally

The specific objectives are:

  • To increase with 10%, starting the school year 2018-2019 the number of schools with an inclusive and creative learning environment, with the help of 5 school inspectors trained in an intensive 7-day training course on inclusion techniques
  • To increase with 10%, starting the school year 2018-2019 the number of schools with an innovative leadership offer, with the help of 4 school inspectors attended in an intensive 5-day training programme
  • To increase with 20%, starting with the school year 2018-2019 of the number of schools which will adopt and apply the concept of democratic schools

Newschool is a small education design agency specializing in building & curating visual tools that foster collaboration, and facilitating learning experiences for the needs of the 21st century. They are also specialized in project management, with a strong focus on research driven innovation in education technology. Newschool has offices in Oslo, and is a member of the best co-working space in Norway, the Nordic Center for Social Innovation.

InterCultural Iceland is a non-profit consortium which develops innovative educational initiatives and offers a broad spectrum of multi-disciplinary expertise and training activities. It was founded in 2003 in Reykjavík Iceland. ICI has become an important research and training centre at a national and European level on the themes of adult training, new competences and teacher training in intercultural education, co-operative learning for didactics, and for anti racist and sensitization training about migration, prejudice and discrimination.

Impact: is visible on several levels: participants, institutions, community, the results ensuring the long-lasting effects and the sustainability of the project and the potential longer term benefits are assured by:  these 9 school inspectors who will become resource persons, the ideas of inclusive, intercultural education which will be generalized, the new concept of democratic schools for everyone.  This experience will contribute to an  inclusive education system that offers each child a chance to develop and become a confident, open and tolerant person, who can positively interact with people coming from a variety of backgrounds.

Main results:

*As tangibile results: collections of case studies regarding segregation, collections of models to solve the problem of segregation, 9 recognition certificates – Europass documents, the practice guide entitled “Let’s be the change!”, written by the participants and distributed on line, the brochure ”The teacher – as a change agent” with 12 profiles of teachers involved in the regional campaign with the same name.

*As intangible results:  a new approach for inclusion problems, a new model of an inclusive and democratic school, 2 “change teams” (5+4) – practicing competences needed to sustain implementation of innovative practices in own institutions an schools from region, a favourable opinion on the activities carried out by ISJ Iasi, state of synergy in the schools in the county,   increasing the interest for the EEA grants program, development of an inclusive school ethos in educational establishments in Iasi County, improving the language skills, multicultural awareness

Digits: 9 trained school inspectors; 2 courses structured in two countries: Iceland and Norway; 4 local dissemination seminars, 2 regional awareness campaigns: “Democratic School”, “Teacher as a change agent” with 12 awarding teachers, 22 promotional initiatives, 140 teachers involved, 1000 beneficiary pupils,

More details: here