2018: Adaptation Through Early Personal Skills Development

Project Promoter: Centrul Județean de Resurse și Asistență Educațională Argeș

Project Code: 2018-EY-PICR-R1-0012

A.D.A.P.T. – Adaptation through Early Personal Skills Development – a project in the field of education, aiming to integrate Roma pupils into school, by developing the skills of both teachers and Roma and non-Roma students.

We want to create a common space, defined by physical, cultural and emotional security, in which members of minority communities experiment with the majority population, cultural aspects of everyday life.

The first stage of the project was teachers training, in the fields of: Human / Child Rights, Tolerance, Anti-Discrimination; Democracy and education for active citizenship; Inclusive school; Pupil-centered teaching; Curricular design; Developing personal skills for interaction in a multicultural environment;

Within the project there are activities of raising awareness and informing Roma parents and non-Roma people about a match, information, awareness raising and personal development activities for Roma and non-Roma students together. In the second year, teachers will implement the specific inclusion curriculum created in the previous phase.

The project will conclude with the summer school “The same school for all of us”, which brings together 100 pupils from partner schools on ethnic and gender balance to develop their personal skills on the following components: Interaction in the multicultural environment, self-knowledge and self-education, child rights, tolerance and anti-discrimination, inclusiveness.

Through the network professionals (school mediators, teachers in psycho-pedagogical assistance centers and speech therapists), the Argeş County Resources and Educational Assistance Center – participate in increasing the quality of the project’s activities, its results and the impact on the community.

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