2018: A Comparative and Transferable Approach to Education for Democratic Citizenship (ACTA) (*)

Project promoter: University of Craiova

Project Code: EY-COP-0028

In a global context marked by the need to uphold democracy and human rights, education for democratic citizenship (EDC) is a prerequisite for shaping active and responsible citizens. In this context, the University of Craiova, alongside with Bifrost University and the University of Icelandproposes a project which addresses the transversal competences that lead to EDC and shows how to develop them in classes not specifically oriented towards EDC topics.

Using a comparative and transdisciplinary approach to EDC and integrating information and communication technologies (ICT) in problem-based teaching/learning, the general objectives of the project are to design educational resources for developing EDC transversal competences and to strengthen the synergy between research and education.

The project activities consist of:

  1. Investigating the partners’ needs in the field of EDC;
  2. Building a transferable model for developing and evaluating competences leading to EDC; and
  3. Capitalizing the results in a training course for future language teachers.

Its intellectual outputs include two joint publications in peer-reviewed journals, a transferable model for the development and assessment of EDC transversal competences, and a handbook designed as a self-training/self-assessment tool for lifelong learning.

The beneficiaries are: the Icelandic and Romanian researchers, teachers and students involved in the project activities; researchers and teachers from the partner universities who have the opportunity to develop their EDC-related expertise, and their experience in terms of methodological innovation; national and international academic community, researchers and school teachers who will benefit from the intellectual outputs and dissemination events. The added value of the transnational cooperation with the donor state partners will be seen in a broader and more flexible approach of EDC, fostered by the contact between two different democratic cultures.

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