2021: Together for quality professional training

Mar 20, 2024 | 0 comments

Project Promoter: Liceul Tehnologic Astra, Pitești

Project Code: 2021-EY-PCVET-0010

Partners: Distribuție Oltenia (RO) – Escola Profissional do Montijo (PT)

The project “Together for quality professional training” aligns with the school’s mission of providing high-quality educational services and training students who will acquire specialized skills, effective communication, teamwork abilities, and proficient technical language skills. This is achieved by ensuring an appropriate educational infrastructure equipped with modern and efficient teaching tools and facilitated by specialized teachers. Currently, there is a severe shortage of qualified personnel in the labor market. The demand for labor and the necessity for vocational training at regional and LTA partner levels underscore the significance of internships and on-the-job learning for students in vocational and technical education, thus serving as another catalyst for initiating this project. LTA is committed to ensuring educational quality by aligning educational outcomes with the needs identified in the labor market, as stipulated at the European level, where the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for Vocational Education and Training operates.

Considering the opportunity presented by the ESAYEP in Romania, funded by EEA grants 2014-2021 – Projects in the field of Vocational and Technical Education, and following discussions with the economic partner S.C. DISTRIBUTIE ENERGIE OLTENIA S.A. regarding the imperative to enhance the skills of teachers and practice mentors to improve the quality of student learning in practical training internships, the need to develop this project became evident.

The overarching objective of this project is to develop the competencies of teachers and practice mentors to enhance the quality of student learning at LTA during practical training internships within the 3-year vocational education program through workplace practice.