2021: Sustainability in education for green energy specialists

Project Promoter: Universitatea din București

Project Code: 21-COP-0021

Partner: Reykjavik University 

The UE Green Deal proposes that by 2030, renewable energies should account for 32% of energy production. This target requires specialists with interdisciplinary training in renewable energy sources who can integrate sustainability and zero carbon concepts into new technological solutions and develop new green energy policies. The University of Bucharest, through its master programme “Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources-SERA”, aims to train green energy specialists who can successfully integrate into the challenging and innovative international labour market. The main goal is to create a sustainable master program in renewable energy sources at the University, to train specialists to meet the demands of the labour market.

Specific objectives

  1. To create an effective framework for the transfer of best practices between Reykjavik University and the University of Bucharest, to upgrade and increase the innovation and entrepreneurship capacity of education and training of renewable energy specialists adapted to today’s challenges.
  2. Inter-university exchange/mobility for interdisciplinary training of master students, professional development of University of Bucharest teaching staff and transfer of experience related to the insertion of graduates in the renewable energy labour market.


Mobility of students and teaching staff in Iceland and Romania. 30 students from the 2 universities participate in blended intensive programmes organised in Romania and Iceland. 10 renewable energy teachers and researchers are involved in joint mobility and training activities. Joint teaching activities and upgrading of current projects. Students involved in mobility will study in an international environment. They will benefit from various lectures given by international renewable energy specialists, working visits to green energy producers. They will obtain ECTS credits after participating in the courses run under the project.