2021: Skills for the future

Project Promoter: Liceul „Traian Vuia“ Craiova

Project Code: 2021-EY-PCVET-0011

Partners: SC Softronic SRL;  CINEL – Centro de Formação Profissional da Indústria Electrónica, Energia, Telecomunicações e Tecnologias da Informação (PT)

The project has the impact of improving the quality of training and education, the professional development of teaching staff. Through the accumulation of new skills and the use of new technologies we offer our students the possibility of continuous training, which allows them to fit into the society of the future
The general objective of „Skills for the future“ was to improve the quality of learning of students in the technical field, within the internships at the national economic agents, by training the participants (10 teachers and 2 tutors) in a study visit at the State Educational Institution, CINEL- Lisbon.

The specific objectives were:
O1 – Acquire new learning tools by the 12 participants in the mobility and transfer these tools during the internships specific
O2 – Assimilating new pedagogical methods for the 12 trainers in order to develop a responsible behaviour at the students in the field of electronics- automations
O3 – To develop the competences of the participants in the study visit in conceiving and implementing attractive curricular materials correlated with the requirements of the labour market

The participants in the study visit to institution CINEL- Lisbon, between October 10-14, 2022, were 12 from Traian Vuia Craiova High School and the economic agent SC Softronic SRL.
The activities carried will be of the following type:

  • observing the practical activities in the laboratory within the CINEL
  • workshop and job shadowing at CINEL, ID Mind and Contimetra institutions.

The participants will value the knowledge gained and the results obtained in mobility by:

  • developing tools to improve the work-based learning of students (4 CDL, for each field of training; 3 practice books and evaluation guides for tutors)
  • organizing remedial activities with students.

Following the creation of a new partnership and the tutors’ study visit, there was observed the improvement in the quality of students’ learning in the technical field during internships at the partner economic agent Softronic SRL.