2021: Practical Eurostands

Mar 11, 2024 | 0 comments

Project Promoter: Liceul Tehnologic ”Petre Baniță” Călărași

Project Code: 2021-EY-PCVET-0005

Partner: Technical School of Paphos (CY)

The Technological High School “Petre Banita” in Calarasi proposed the project “PRACTICAL EUROSTAGES” for a team comprising 10 teachers and 2 representatives from the partnering company Miroserv Panif SRL, aiming to undertake a 6-day Study Visit to Cyprus. The hosting partner, OPEI, brought valuable experience in the qualifications relevant to the teachers involved in this project. They contributed significantly to organizing practical internships for VET high school students, meeting standards comparable to the average European level, drawing upon examples of best practices observed during the Study Visit.

The objectives of the project were:

  1. To train and develop the participants with a minimum of 80% competency in specific areas related to practical internships with tutoring, management, teaching, organizational skills, cooperation, and linguistics. This training occurred over the course of 8 days during the Study Visit. The aim was to facilitate effective practical internships in the future, leading to the professionalization of students in the Food Industry and Mechanics fields. This was achieved by boosting the motivation of VET students to engage in practical internships and by achieving a minimum 30% increase in learning outcomes, as indicated by satisfaction questionnaires and semester averages.

  2. To transfer knowledge and good practices from the partner organization in Cyprus, resulting in at least 9 innovative project products developed by all participants. These products were utilized in tutoring activities and practical internships conducted by VET teachers at the school and partnering economic agents. The ultimate goal was to enhance the adaptability of VET students to the requirements of their first job.

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