2021: Modern approaches to internships in economic education

Mar 11, 2024 | 0 comments

Project Promoter: Liceul Tehnologic „Virgil Madgearu“, Roșiori de Vede

Project Code: 2021-EY-PCVET-0007

Partner: Anglo – nemecka obchodni akademie (CZ) 

The project “Modern Approaches to Internships in Economic Education” aimed to strengthen collaboration with local economic agents to maximize their offering of internships while simultaneously developing the professional skills of teachers and internship supervisors to improve our students’ workplace learning process.

The overall objective of the project was to improve the quality of internships conducted with economic agents, with specific objectives including:

  • Improving the competencies and knowledge base of teachers and economic agent personnel regarding internship organization;
  • Creating a connection between the economic and educational environments in terms of preparing qualified human resources, through initial vocational training that meets labor market demands.

The project’s results included:

  • The development of three local curricula for the qualification of economic activities technicians for the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades;
  • The establishment of three ECVET learning agreements for the qualification of economic activities technicians for three specialized modules;
  • The development of a course support dedicated to the training of internship supervisors from economic agents;
  • The creation of a set of alternative evaluation methods adapted to the skills required for labor market integration in the economic field;
  • The development of six specialized tests for the economic field, created with Google Forms, which allowed for evaluation scores and feedback;
  • The training of specialized teachers to develop new teaching strategies and create unified work tools in economic education;
  • The empowerment of internship supervisors with methodological and pedagogical skills to improve student learning outcomes through work;
  • The strengthening of partnerships with the economic environment to diversify and consolidate workplace learning forms in line with technological changes;
  • The improvement of the quality of education, training systems, and practices in entrepreneurship;
  • Better alignment of theoretical content with practical aspects and labor market requirements;
  • The improvement of student workplace learning processes and better alignment of their skills with labor market needs.

The study visit, attended by eight teachers and three internship supervisors, took place from November 28 to December 2, 2022, at the Anglo-nemecka obchodni akademie a.s. (English-German Business Academy) and internship partner companies: Subterra, Kuehne+Nagel, Yonix Logistics in Prague, Czech Republic.

During the five days, study visit participants visited the workshops and laboratories of the host school and partner companies, attended classes and practical activities of the students, analyzed specific documents related to the practice in the visited companies, discussed with teachers and internship supervisors, observed and analyzed how students conducted their internships, and noted examples of good practice to improve the quality of student internships.

Collaboration with the partner school in Prague began in 2020 on the eTwinning platform, and together we developed a strategic partnership project DIGIVETS (web2 tools), which did not receive funding, but our cooperation will continue through the implementation of other projects together.

Cooperation with the Anglo-nemecka obchodni akademie, with a similar profile, will continue through the exchange of practices, teaching methods such as business exercise firms, IT and financial literacy for students, having experience in using ERPsim and SAP software for businesses, widely used by international corporations.

Project webpage (RO)