2021: Innovative methods needed by teaching and research staff for AI data analysis and processing

Project Promoter: Universitatea de Medicină, Farmacie, Științe și Tehnologie „George Emil Palade” din Târgu Mureș

Project Code: 21-COP-0038

Partner: Sintef AS Norway

Currently, data collected by various means may have a different structure or format, even if it refers to the same sizes of interest. Current devices and gadgets, with interfaces and communication capabilities, are an important source of data(connecting medical devices and innovative sensors to the internet, which facilitates the collection of huge amounts of critical data). Unfortunately, this data is not presented in a standardized format, which leads to difficulties when it comes to using it in an integrated form. The impossibility of standardizing this data in a short time leads to the need of resorting to innovative solutions for conditioning, filtering and statistical data processing.

An important challenge is extracting the useful information and eliminating a wide variety of disturbances that interfere with the data collected. AI provides a feasible solution that can respond to the above challenges, as is the case in many other areas. Although specialized literature and technical reports feature many successful solutions, specialists in the field are a scarce resource. The solution to this problem is teaching and accustoming trainers with new methods of AI data processing.