2021: Building bridges

Project Promoter: Fundatia Centrul European de Integrare a Romilor

Project Code: 2021-EY-PICR-0005

Schools involved in the project: Liceul Tehnologic IacobeniLiceul Tehnologic TârnavaȘcoala Gimnazială Brădeni, Școala Primară Netuș, Școala Gimnazială Noiștat

The project “Building Bridges” generated a series of positive and long-lasting effects in the partner schools, but also on the people directly or indirectly involved. The idea of the project started from the lack of opportunities for development and exploration for children in disadvantaged villages, with a predominantly Roma community, high dropout rates, absenteeism, and illiteracy. So, through the project, the children carried out extracurricular activities, went on a school camp, and a field trip which certainly positively marked their development and provided them with healthy growth models.

The general objective was the inclusion of Roma children in school, increasing the institutional capacity of schools, systemic improvement of the educational space, materialized in the creation of viable and sustainable mechanisms to reduce and prevent early school leaving, and in undertaking concrete measures to promote equal access to education. For all participants, a better self-esteem, a better awareness of their own skills and qualities, an awareness of the usefulness of cooperating with others, and the importance of being open to the new were generated. Participants became more open to collaborate.

The added value and benefits included providing appropriate learning opportunities by training teachers and strengthening their confidence in themselves and in the knowledge they possess. Specific techniques for working with children were imparted to teachers, targeting emotional intelligence, self-esteem, cultivating courage. There was an increase in awareness of the importance of cooperation, openness, and learning. Inter-institutional networking facilitated an informal exchange of experience. There was an increase in beneficiaries’ confidence in dealing with education and development issues. Parent-child-school relationships were improved, and positive experiences were generated for all actors involved in the project.