2020: Increased competences through training courses for economic activity

Aug 2, 2023 | 0 comments

Project Promoter: Liceul Mătăsari, GJ

Project Code: 2020-EY-PCVET-0003

Parteners:  Paphos Technical School – Rivensco Consulting Ltd. 

The project was necessary for the redesign of the students’ combined practical internships at the workplace and for their alignment with European standards and also the lack of experience of the practical tutors,of the good practice models from other economic agents from other countries that carry out training practice with the students, the lack of support activities from the practice tutor, of short personal development sessions alongside the professional one.
The objectives that were the basis of the project were:
  • Development of skills and abilities in the development of a CDL and a training agreement,
  • Endowment of tutors with skills for personal and professional development of students and their integration at the workplace;
  • The development of professional skills necessary to obtain a level 3 qualification through and adaptation to employers’ requirements through practical training courses at economic agents through tutors

During this project, teachers specialized in the technical field, tutors from the economic agent were given the chance to accumulate knowledge, skills and competences that they used and continue to use in improving the instructional-educational process through modern methods within the activities carried out in the technological laboratories and the practical training courses held at the economic agent.

The activities carried out during the 5 days of the study visit: job shadowing, round tables, debates on the importance and involvement of economic agents regarding the implementation of student internships and improving the quality of learning, workshops,assistance for the participants to observe some practical training activities, observation of managerial activities and current school activities within the host organization,following the workplace learning system, best practice methods from Cypriot vocational schools to develop and improve our teaching methods.


  1. CDL – Lubrication systems;
  2. Auxiliary-curricular/Practice;
  3. Learning agreements.