2020: Champions of inclusion

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Project Promoter: Fundaţia Noi Orizonturi Lupeni

Project Code: 2020-EY-PICR-0001

Schools involved in the project: Școala Gimnazială „Dumitru I. Ionescu” comuna Calvini, jud. Buzău –  Școala Gimnazială „Teleki Domokos” Gornești, jud. Mureş –  Școala Gimnazială Pișcolt, jud. Satu Mare – Școala Gimnazială Sânmihaiu de Câmpie, jud. Bistriţa-Năsăud – Școala Gimnazială Teliu, jud. Braşov – Școala Gimnazială Viișoara, jud. Cluj 
„Champions of inclusion“ is a project initiated by a consortium coordinated by New Horizons Foundation Lupeni developed in partnership with six secondary schools in the communes of Calvini (BZ), Gornești (MS), Pișcolt (SM), Sânmihaiu de Câmpie (BN), Teliu (BV) and Viișoara (CJ), with over 30% Roma children.
Schools that have not yet managed to develop relationships and genuine collaboration with the families of all students, in communities where social solidarity is not yet well understood, have been severely affected by the online shift in the educational process in terms of participation and, implicitly, in learning outcomes: parents have not been able to support their children’s learning even if the school managed to provide equipment, or more recently did not apply for the remedial education programs to reduce delays in their children’s learning due to the pandemic.
Teachers training: 73 teachers from 6 partner schools for developing the school’s capacity to actively involve Roma and non-Roma parents in school life in order to increase the degree of inclusion of Roma children; 24 teacher leaders trained to build a strategy for the involvement of families in the school community.
Teachers courses are also online, free of charge: https://cursuri.noi-orizonturi.ro/categorie-curs/campionii-incluziunii/. 68 teachers developed their skills to support the growth of students’ self-confidence, to inspire children and develop their skills to combat discrimination and social exclusion. 84 Roma and non-Roma parents (which 42 were Roma ) participate in a complex parental education program. 216 Roma and non-Roma students benefited from a program of extracurricular activities in partner schools, and in August 2022 they participated in a social-emotional development camp. f. Within the project, 3 training curricula for teachers were created, 6 learning guides for parents and the Inclusion Champion Diary for children.