2020: We promote workplace learning in EU

Dec 22, 2023 | 0 comments

Project Promoter: Liceul Tehnologic ”Constantin Brâncuși” Peștișani

Project Code: 2020-EY-PCVET-0002

Partners: Paphos Technical School –  Rivensco Consulting Ltd. 

The project aimed to enhance student quality, deepen Learning Outcomes (LO), foster the development of essential skills for creating documents and tools, and establish transnational partnerships. Practice tutors were required to grasp notions of leadership in order to cultivate an organizational culture.

During the 5-day study visit, a variety of activities took place: job shadowing, roundtable discussions, debates, workshops, document analysis, guidance, observation of managerial and educational activities, and presentations on best practices in Cyprus.

The project produced several outcomes, including a Curricular Assistant Practice Book, Learning Agreement, and three Competence Development Logs (CDLs). The project’s objectives centered around skill development, enhancing tutors’ professional abilities, aligning with employer requirements, and achieving the following:

O1. Broadening and deepening the teaching staff’s Learning Outcomes and practice tutors’ abilities to enhance student learning quality through international workplace experiences. O2. Cultivating key competencies for creating documents and tools that enhance student learning: CDLs and Learning Agreement. O3. Establishing and reinforcing transnational partnerships by promoting work-based learning for students from rural/disadvantaged backgrounds in companies/institutions to exchange best practices on an international scale.

The project yielded several results, including a better understanding of students’ training needs, the utilization of modern teaching methods for practical training, restructured deployment practices, enriched tutoring experiences, and tangible outcomes such as revised CDLs, an updated Learning Agreement, and the creation of a Practice Book.

The project’s significance lies in the participants of the study visit receiving certificates and gaining tutoring experience, the advancement of practice tutors’ skills to meet high-quality standards, flexibility, entrepreneurial competencies, improved managerial processes, increased employability, and a sense of belonging to the EU while aligning with European norms to foster good European citizenship.