2019: Improving internships in the field of car mechanics

Project Promoter: Colegiul Tehnic „Lațcu Vodă” Siret
Project Code: 2019-EY-PCVET-0005
Partners: Aplicaproposta Lda – Bragamob, Braga, Portugal; EPB – Escola Profissional de Braga;  S. C. Service Auto VIV, Vicovu de Sus

This project has been shaped by the need of reviving the professional and technical education in Siret. The main objective is to improve the internships for the auto mechanic qualification in order to prepare the workforce according to the professional training standards, so the employment opportunities of the graduates of the Technical College “Lațcu Vodă” Siret would increase. The project included a study visit to Portugal. The program offered an international experience by visiting local companies and institutions in the field, all able to provide participants with examples of good practice for the practical training of students. Participants visited local institutions in the fields of automotive mechanics (4 companies) and VET schools (2 schools), in order to improve their professional skills by observing work activities on site and exchanging good practices with local professionals. The visit was attended by 9 people, 4 VET teachers, the director of the unit, the English teacher and 3 representatives of the economic agent. This experience will eventually lead to a better opportunity for students to receive useful advice from experts. The study visit will be attended by nine people, VET teachers, the unit manager, the English teacher and representatives of the economic department.Following the project activities, we elaborate CDLs, training agreements and partnership agreements as results of this project. The training agreements will be used during the internships and include clear tasks per day throughout the practical training. This will increase the quality of the practical training act during the internships. We will be able to achieve for our students the most attractive way of professional training in the field of mechanics for car mechanic qualification, knowing that this field is particularly dynamic in terms of technical and technological progress, which requires a competent workforce.