2019: Environmental Education – OERs for Rural Citizens (EnvEdu-OERs)

Project Promoter: Transilvania University of Brasov

Project Code: 19-COP-0038

Partners: Reykjavík University, Iceland; Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, and Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania

The EnvEdu-OERs project represents an opportunity to open towards the rural communities, by creating an open training space, open educational resources for sustainable communities. Rural citizens, especially the representatives of the local administration, should be informed, so that any decision regarding the environmental protection is taken in an informed manner.

This project aims to support innovation and improvement of the teaching methods and offers the opportunity for the partners, active in the fields of education and training, to develop and deliver teaching modules for continuous training.

The specific objectives are:
• to develop teaching modules, conference papers, e-learning platform and a set of policy recommendations on environmental topics;
• to organize multiplier events and workshops, for the knowledge transfer from the academic partners to the rural community representatives;
• to disseminate and valorize the project and its outputs.

A preliminary research was conducted, for a better understanding of the perception of the rural citizens about the sustainable development of communities, by addressing a set of questions. The survey revealed the need for environmental education, focused on relevant topics, which will be the subject of the teaching modules/ set of policy recommendations. The teaching modules will be developed as video and text presentations by the academic staff. The OERs will be uploaded on the e-learning platform, being available to the local rural public authorities, civil society. Valorizing the OERs, as well as the set of policy recommendations on environmental topics, the project will add value in terms of both raising awareness concerning the environmental issues and the citizens’ participation in developing a sustainable community. The EnvEdu-OERs project and its outputs is subject of continuous dissemination, both by presentations at scientific events (conferences, seminars) and by publishing papers in specialized journals.