2019: Dual quality education for students with disabilities

Project Code: 2019-EY-PCVET-0007
Partner: Technical School of Paphos

“Beethoven” Special Technological High School Craiova carried out the project “Dual quality education for students with disabilities” for 10 VET teachers and 2 interns from the partner economic agent CASA DOBRESCU, who participated in the 8-day Study Visit during 16/07/2021 – 23/07/2021, at the host partner Technical School of Paphos in Cyprus.
The objectives:
  1. The development of methodical and pedagogical skills, educational management, career counseling, tutoring for dual education for 12 participants of the Study Visit
  2. The elaboration by the 12 participants of a set of resource tools for the professionalization activity in dual education regime, of the students with disabilities

The 8-day study visit included learning activities at interactive workshops, job shadowing and visits to 5 companies / institutions organizing practical internships / dual system, debates, daily evaluation activities for the 12 participants, document analysis. The companies were in the field of Tourism and in the field of mechanics, with students with disabilities integrated in the practical internships and in a dual system,with tutoring. The added value: -professional development of teachers through good practices – the use at the internships by the teacher-tutor team of some didactic strategies of interdisciplinary approach in the learning activities for the development of the professional competences of the students with disabilities -stimulating the interest of economic agents to develop a lasting relationship with the educational environment and to contribute to the education and professional development of students with disabilities -increasing the prestige of the high school and the partner company in the community -internships organized efficiently, attractively, to stimulate the active involvement of students with disabilities in obtaining learning outcomes.