2018: We open our school for all children!

Project promoter: Institutul pentru Dezvoltarea Evaluării în Educație (IDEE)

Project Code: 2018-EY-PICR-R2-0001

 The project is addressed to 75 teachers, 75 parents and tutors and 250 scholars, of five schools, with a high percentage of ethnic Roma students, from Arges and Dolj counties.

The overall objective: to increase the institutional capacity of the schools in Arges and Dolj counties, to ensure effective inclusion and quality education of Roma scholars alongside all children. Specific objectives:

1.Diversifying the communication skills of teachers in a multicultural environment

2.Increasing the degree of tolerance and adaptation of parents/tutors of students in the target group

3.Integrating pupils in the target group into a multicultural environment.

The project’s idea started based on the following aspect: two from ten Roma children do not go to school.

Due to the evolution of the international epidemiological situation, caused by the spread of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, we had to postpone/modify/extend some activities, in order to be able to implement them with the target group. We focused on the online environment, for making visible the developed materials and to give access to the target group.

The added value is found in the intermediary project results:

AII. 2 didactic materials

IO1 and IO2



Audio book IO1-https://hailascoala.ro/materiale

Worksheets for pupils IO1



IO2 https://hailascoala.ro/materiale

Audio book IO2-https://hailascoala.ro/materiale

AIII.2 finalised materials

A1 and A2



AIV.2 completed materials (+ audio part)

B1 and B2



AC2 and C3

Web page

O IDEE în vremea pandemiei: Ne cunoaştem mai bine, suntem mai toleranţi