2018: EEA Mobilities – Universitatea Sapientia din Cluj-Napoca

Project promoter: Universitatea Sapientia din Cluj-Napoca

Project Code: 18-MOB-0034

Partners: The Arctic University of Norway

Educational institutes have multiple roles, one of them can be identified as shaping the future of labor force, but an outstanding issue is how to assure constantly the readiness of the graduate students to enter the labor market with up-to-date knowledge. Nevertheless, if the higher education can support the student to gain practical experience in his educational process, the chance of hire after graduation is widely higher. The problem solving capabilities in the industry of a person is defined not only by the theoretical knowledge, but also through the hands-on experience, which will lead to personal and professional satisfaction. The need for this project consists in the lack of the methodologies in our university system regarding the approaching the university curricula and the industry. Because “real problems needs real solutions”, the immersing of students in the competitive industry will endow him with assets as stated above. The Universitatea Sapientia din Cluj-Napoca wants to be not only a key role player for labor force supply, but also a solid partner in the innovative thinking. Through this mobility project, the Department of Mechanical Engineering from the applicant HEI, will acquire from his donor state partner a know-how, with which he will assure a short term, as well a long term development to fulfil the stated mission. The short-term benefits will be through the student mobility, so the students will obtain a guided experience in the industry in the DS. Parallel to this action, the mobility of the teaching staff to and from DS will assure the know-how transfer for the long term development needed for sustainability of the post project period. To fulfil the aim of the project, despite of the pandemic situation, one student outgoing mobility was realized with a period of 2 month. The PP was visited by one teaching staff form the DS, and the DS partner, The Arctic University of Norway, was host for two teaching staff from the PP.