2018: Computing Innovation for Technology Entrepreneurship

Project promoter: Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti

Projec Code: 18-COP-0012

Partner: Østfold University College, Norway

The project aims to enhance the quality of training for the students from the master programs in the domains of Management and Engineering and of Computer Science from the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest.

Entrepreneurship is recognized nowadays as the driving force of a market economy and technology-driven entrepreneurship tends to become a standard for early-stage businesses in Europe and worldwide. Information and Communications Technology holds a major part of any business nowadays and it is either the major factor or a major one in any technology driven business enterprise. The project addresses the development in Romania of education for Information and Communications Technology Entrepreneurship, aiming to increase the development of new businesses, based on innovation and new technologies.

The primary target of the project is the introduction of two new subjects, regarding Entrepreneurship and Innovation. During their creation, materials are prepared for the Entrepreneurship Hub and for the website of the project and conjoint research is performed. Three short lectures were given by the Norwegian Professors in Romania and three Romanian Professors will make 5 day visits to Østfold University College (OUC). Eight mobilities of 30 days each will allow Romanian students to perform research at OUC.

There is a clear recognition of the need for the uplifting the role universities in the Romanian entrepreneurial ecosystem and the project aims directly this target. This project raised the interest of our students in entrepreneurship targeted to the IT domain. They could not perform the mobilities to OUC because of the Coronavirus pandemics, but just in the last month, the team UMALO was awarded for the best business plan at the JA Romania national competition “Company of the year”, and the Romanian Startup Jobful, having our student Mihai Cepoi as fouder and CEO, received 250.000 Euros as pre-seed investment.