2018: TRUE – Tolerance, rights and unity in education

Dec 23, 2021 | 0 comments

Project promoter: ISJ Neamț

Project Code: 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0011

Parteners: Newschool, Oslo, Norway and Intercultural, Borgarnes, Iceland

The idea of this project came from the fact that teachers are much more than being specialists in a certain discipline, they also are head-teachers and / or educational counselors. From the perspective of the educational counselor / head- teacher, all teachers need to make connections with other areas, such as active democratic citizenship – ECD or human rights – EHR which are the basis or “the bricks and the mortar” of peace and dialogue in Europe, in the world of tomorrow.

School inspectors carry out the monitoring of the educational process. One of the monitored issues is the activity of the head-teacher / the educational counselor such, by participating in this project, the 8th School Inspectors will become coaches, training vectors at the level of the county. The TRUE Project – Tolerance, Rights and Unity in Education aims to increase the quality of education in the schools from Neamt county, by increasing the number of democratic schools which are based on tolerance, active citizenship, human rights, inclusiveness and leadership. The mobility activities, represented by structured courses, through their topics: “The teacher as change agent” and “Learning outside – Living together, learning together, working together – Special focus on outdoor activities” will contribute to enriching knowledge, training skills and the change of attitude of the direct beneficiaries (8).

Through local activities the core of the courses will be transmitted to the indirect beneficiaries (the other 18 inspectors, 136 school principals, teachers, parents – 150). Last, but not least, through the 9 training activities / 3 seminars / one round table, the knowledge will be transmitted to the students. Activities related to the project will be initiated in at least 40 schools under the slogan “We change the school together”.

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