2018: Integration of nanoscience research projects with teaching activities

Dec 23, 2021 | 0 comments

Project promoter: Universitatea din Bucuresti

Project Code: SEE-18-MOB-0065

Partner: Reykjavik University (IS)

Nanoscience applications have become part of our everyday life. The growing demands for highly efficient computing resources and storage motivate the continuous development of novel electronic devices exploiting quantum effects at the nanoscale. The educational process needs to be updated with these rapid advancements. Unlike other more conservative topics, the field of nanoscience constantly requires updating the curriculum to the latest technological achievements, as well as including adequate learning tools both in basic and specialized courses.

The project objective is to improve the quality of education and training in nanoscience, by creation of an innovative framework, which enables an efficient co-design of computational and analytical tools by both teachers and students. More specifically, project will focus on the development of educational software solutions for the simulation of coherent transport in nanodevices and modeling of photovoltaic cells.

Developing an online nanotechnology platform promoting tools for both teaching and research, one creates the opportunity for teachers, students and researchers to interact. The collaboration between the University of Bucharest (UB) and Reykjavik University (RU) shall bring an added value to the project, in regards to nanoscience topics. In this project, the UB team shall develop software tools for coherent transport and shall coordinate the activity of implementing the web interface. UB shall also provide the necessary infrastructure for hosting the web-based platform with applications. RU team shall contribute with complementary expertise on topics like transport in nanowires, thermoelectrics and solar cells.


No mobilities have been conducted in the context of this project.

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