2018: Together for life skills through green and inclusive education!

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Project promoter: Centrul Județean de Resurse și Asistență Educațională Alba

Codul proiectului: 2018-EY-PMIP-R2-0002

“Together for life skills through green and inclusive education!” is the title of our project, though we want to combine, the knowledge and the competences formed at the workshop “Cross-disciplinary teaching – a practical exploration” organized by NewSchool As. Oslo, Norway and the structured course “Reaching teaching and keeping our learners” organised by InterCultural Iceland, Reykjavik, in one project, that has the main aim to involve the disadvantaged students with dropout risk, students with special educational requirements, students from rural areas, or minorities students into attractive, creative and collaborative activities at school, that will increase their interest, curiosity and will motivate them to come and spend more time on classes and will develop their life skills and education for health.

We intend to develop a cross-disciplinary program with this area: life skills and health education using creative cooperative methods, experiential peering, project-based learning and to offer workshops for school counsellours, speech therapists and teachers.

The focus of the project is: training of educational experts, intercultural education, integration of disadvantaged groups, creation of a positive climate in school, creation of an interdisciplinary program design. The interdisciplinary program will be applied in 44 schools, 8 of which are from rural areas where there is no psycho-pedagogical assistance office. In schools, 25 students from disadvantaged backgrounds, pupils with special educational needs, minorities, rural areas will be selected, totally estimated 1100 students involved.

The program consists of 5 activities for students and 2 activities for parents (10 parents from each school, than means 440 parents) and will be implemented by a team of 2 school counselors and one teacher from that school.

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