2017: EEA Mobilities – „1 Decembrie 1918“ University Alba Iulia

Project promoter: Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918“, Alba Iulia

Codul proiectului: EY-MPO-0072

The EEA project has ensured that students and staff of European universities are part of a collaborative and proactive culture and environment with mobility flows giving them the opportunities to gain abilities and competences with major consequences on the development of the educational and research capacity of higher education institutions. Our University has largely benefitted from the Programme and we intend to expand our cooperation with international partners in both the Erasmus+ framework and the EEA Financial Mechanism. We like to provide our students and staff the opportunity to study, teach and train in an educational system as challenging as the Norwegian one is, and to offer them the means to strengthen their abilities and competences.

The bilateral agreement that our University has signed with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim and Nord University opens doors for our students and staff to study, teach and extend their professional experience in field such as Mathematics, Computer Science, Social Sciences, Education and Teacher Training and Humanities. The purpose of the current project is maintain and increase our cooperation with the goal of receiving incoming students and staff from our partners of exchanging best practices in assuring quality in higher education and research best suited for current labor market challenges. The target group are both students and staff in subject areas of mutual interests (9 incoming and outgoing mobility flows for students and 6 incoming and outgoing staff mobility flows for teaching and training).

The above-mentioned partnerships have been signed during the previous EEA Financial Mechanism and ensured the success not only of the proposed mobility flows but also contributed to strengthening our cooperation in the field of scientific research and education: in 2017, 2 staff members of Nesna University College (Nord University) successfully completed a study visit at our institution with the aim at developing the human knowledge and capital in the field of education through humanities and arts, domains insufficiently exploited in Romania and to develop a new and modern curricula in teacher training.